Zack is Valentin Cedar's Charizard and first Pokémon.


Like all Charizards, Zack is orange with blue in the interior of his wings. He wears an Amulet Coin given to him by Valentin long ago.

Role Plays/Video GamesEdit

Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreenEdit

Zack first appeared as a Charmander in Pokemon FireRed as Valentin's Starter Pokemon in the Kanto Region. He was Valentin's first Pokemon.

He helps Valentin defeat Gary and his Squirtle, despite Charmander being a Fire-Type and Squirtle being a Water-Type.

He laters evolves into a Charmeleon and he and Valentin battle Gary and Squirtle, who is now a Wartortle. Valentin and Zack lose, but in a rematch, they defeat Gary, Wartortle, and the rest of Gary's Pokemon.

Zack later evolves into a Charizard and he and Valentin defeat Team Rocket and Giovanni. They then defeat the Pokemon League of the Kanto Region.

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/EmeraldEdit

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/PlatinumEdit

Pokémon Black/WhiteEdit

Pokémon Goblin/Ghoul/GargoyleEdit

Zack equips himself with the Venunix PokéTech created by Professor Cedar.