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Iceblaze is a rather interesting Pokémon, because not only is it your average Pokémon, but it's your average Pokémon Hybrid. Pokemonspriter2000 did a really good job on the Hybrid, especially with the colors. Not only that, Iceblaze is a combination of three really cool Pokémon - Regice, Blaziken, and Tyranitar. We hope to see more of Pokemonspriter's work. And Pokemonspriter, keep up the good work!

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  • new page Darkon
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    New page: Darkon is a baby eolution of Nochelight Darkon is Dark,Ghost type Darkon evolves when they are either holding a Black belt or lvling up to lvl 20 ...
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  • new page Nochelight
    created by The5dogPack
    New page: Nochelight Habitat: Dark caves and mountains Type: Dark, Ghost Moves: Taunt, Play rough, Dig, Foresight,...
    Summary: NOCHELIGHTT
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    Comment: Personally I would give it 115 speed and 86 so atk and huge power! It would havehdark type 2 2 be aatotal broken Uber boss! Csrnivine  da best!