Artwork General
Seedrake Pokemon Sprite
National Dex: 650
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: Currently Unknown
Generation: Generation VI
Pronunciation: See - drake
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 42 Species: Grass Cat Pokémon
Attack: 45 Type(s): Grass
Defense: 53 Height: 2' 00"
Special Atk: 45 Weight: 17.9 Lbs.
Special Def: 54 Abilities: Overgrow

Contrary (Dream World)

Speed: 63 Pokédex Color: Green
Stat Total: 302 Gender: 87.5% ♂/12.5% ♀

Seedrake is a Grass-Type Pokémon and the Grass-Type Starter for Pokémon Goblin and Ghoul.


Seedrake is a small Grass-type cat-like Pokémon with leaves nearly all over its body. It has leaves on its tail and around its legs, as well as a few leaves on its underbelly.

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