Here is a list of the new abilities that have been introduced in the Nornova region.

New Abilities:Edit


Pokemon: Chunter, Nickter, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Mothim

Effect: All sound-based moves have their base power increased by 20%. Accuracy of all sound-based moves is increased to 100.


Pokemon: Birchomp, CorvassineToxician

Effect: This Pokemon gains 10% of its HP back whenever it faints an enemy.


Pokemon: AlmasilRomawhGilidoynTopseeMega Noctowl

Effect: This Pokemon gets STAB on all moves.


Pokemon: Betledye, Thoraxun, MagmanaMega Altaria

Effect: If this Pokemon's attack hits a Pokemon that switches in, it does 1.5 times damage. Does not affect Pokemon who have switched in after another Pokemon has fainte.


Pokemon: Symbolen, Unown

Effect: All abilities (except Negation) of Pokemon currently on the field are cancelled. Effects already finalized by abilities are not negated.


Pokemon: Pincion, Hexamind, Elecdagg, Galewin, Birdstrom, Spindlewe, Ronjab, ThoxiconMega Beedrill, Darumaka, Darmanitan

Effect: When fighting against super-effective types, this Pokemon gets each of its stats boosted by one stage. The boosts are not removed when the opposing Pokemon switches out. This ability cannot be activited twice while this Pokemon is out.

Signature Abilities:Edit


Pokemon: AlmasilRomawhGilidoyn

Effect: In a double or triple battle, this Pokemon takes attacks directed at an ally, at 50% power.

Storm Song:Edit

Pokemon: Tyaton, Tympatron, Tympantroad

Effect: in-battle: In rain, this Pokemon becomes Raindrop Form, and all Water-type moves that hit it cause it to regain 25% of its HP. Outside battle: This Pokemon is healed slightly while you walk.

Tar Grip:Edit

Pokemon: Breatar

Effect: Pokemon that make physical contact with this Pokemon become trapped.


Pokemon: Chipster, Gamblean

Effect: In-game: increases money earned after battle; online; increases base power of Coin Blast to 100.


Pokemon: Topsee

Effect: All moves have equal priority. In the case of Pursuit, base power is still doubled, but it does not hit the Pokemon switching out. This ability does not apply to action such as Mega Evolution or switching.


Pokemon: Barbrab, Tharapick

Effect: Has a "shield," half of its HP, that activates at half health. It must be drained before doing any more damage. The shield cannot regenerate during battle, and cannot be Skill Swapped.


Pokemon: Spindlewe, Ronjab, Thoxicon

Effect: Gains HP when hit by fire-type moves. Immunity to Fire-type moves.

Death Cloud:Edit

Pokemon: Spectipede

Effect: All indirect damage, excluding that from moves used by this Pokemon or from items, is reflected to the opponent.


Pokemon: Arachnisis

Effect: Whenever this Pokemon is hit by an attack, its Attack and Special Attack are boosted by one stage. However, immunity is not granted to such attacks.

Bide Rush:Edit

Pokemon: Taloraptor

Effect: For every opponent this Pokemon moves after when attacking, its attack is raised one stage.


Pokemon: Zelliontul

Effect: When this Pokemon is holding a plate, it gains a second type. Pokemon gains normal type while holding Spooky Plate. Feargrip changes type based on the held plate.

Glacier Body:Edit

Pokemon: Regice-Unleashed

Effect: Gives full immunity to all Fire-type moves.

DNA Type: Edit

Pokemon: Mega Deoxys

Effect: Switches between forms Type-A and Type-D. If the opponent has a move that is able to OHKO Mega Deoxys, it switches to Type-D. If not, it remains in Type-A. Type-A can be manually activated by using an offensive move. Type-D can be manually activated by using a status move.

Continent Pull:Edit

Pokemon: Mega Regigigas

Effect: This Pokemon gets STAB on Rock, Ice, and Steel-type moves.

Updated Abilities:Edit


New effect: Gives full immunity to Ground-type attacks and entry hazards.


New effect: Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, and Substitutes of the opponent are ignored.

Keen Eye:Edit

New effect: Ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers.


New effect: Protects Pokemon from infatuation, Taunt, Torment, and Embargo.

Early Bird:Edit

New effect: Sleep will only last one turn. Pokemon is healed by 25% of its HP whenever it is afflicted by the Sleep status.

Flame Body:Edit

New effect: Conact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker. Immune to being frozen.


New effect: Castform transforms with the weather. Becomes Fire-type if sunny, Ice-type if hailing, Water-type if raining, and Rock-type if sandstorm. Provides a 20% boosts to all moves if weather is present.


New effect: In battle, lowers the opponent's accuracy and evasion by one stage.

Magma Armor:Edit

New effect: Prevents freezing. Non-fire-type Pokemon that make contact are damaged by 1/8th of their maximum HP.

Run Away:Edit

New effect: Guarantees escape from wild Pokemon. This Pokemon is immune to all trapping abilities and moves. Pursuit is not boosted when this Pokemon is switching.


New effect: The opponent's attack is lowered by one stage, and their speed increased by one.

Sturdy: Edit

New effect: No longer works on Pokemon with only 1 HP.