Gosaurujira is a member of the Kaiju Trio and the mascot of "Pokemon North."

Information Edit

Type: Fire/Electric

Classification: Dinosaur Kaiju Pokemon

Abilities: Pressure

Hidden Ability: N/A

Exp. at Lv. 100: 1,250,000

Height: 25'10"

Weight: 881.9 lbs.

Gender Ratio: Genderless

EVs Earned: 3 Atk.

Evolves at: N/A

Level Up Moves: Edit

Start: Dragon Breath

Start: Flamethrower

Level 5: Power-Up Punch

Level 10: Crunch

Level 15: Charge Beam

Level 20: Fire Lash

Level 30: Discharge

Level 40: Dragon Hammer

Level 50: Flare Blitz

Level 55: Jolt Impound

Level 60: Nuclear Breath

Level 65: Dragon Dance

Level 70: Earthquake

Level 80: Hammer Arm

Tutor Moves: Edit

Low Kick

Thunder Punch

Fire Punch

Ice Punch

Drain Punch

Iron Tail

Earth Power


Stealth Rock

Egg Moves: Edit

Gosaurujira cannot be bred.

TM Moves: Edit

TM 02 Dragon Claw - TM 05 Roar

TM 06 Toxic - TM 10 Hidden Power

TM 11 Sunny Day - TM 15 Hyper Beam

TM 17 Protect - TM 21 Frustration

TM 23 Smack Down - TM 24 Thunderbolt

TM 25 Thunder - TM 26 Earthquake

TM 27 Return - TM 32 Double Team

TM 35 Flamethrower - TM 38 Fire Blast

TM 39 Rock Tomb - TM 42 Facade

TM 43 Flame Charge - TM 44 Rest

TM 45 Attract - TM 48 Round

TM 50 Overheat - TM 57 Charge Beam

TM 61 Will-O-Wisp - TM 68 Giga Impact

TM 71 Stone Edge - TM 72 Volt Switch

TM 73 Thunder Wave - TM 80 Rock Slide

TM 87 Swagger - TM 88 Sleep Talk

TM 90 Substitute - TM 93 Wild Charge

TM 95 Snarl - TM 100 Confide

Base Stats: Edit


Pokedex Entry: Edit

North: "A legendary Pokemon spoken of in tales from the past. Thought to be merely a myth, it lurked at the bottom of the ocean for many centuries."

South: "This Pokemon frequently does battle with other Pokemon of its caliber, using its incredibly hot breath as a weapon; these fights often cause untold amount of destruction."

Trivia Edit

  • The name Gosaurujira is a combination of "Gojira" and "-saurus," referring to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Unlike most legendaries, the Kaiju trio only have a 660 base stat total, as they were designed with Primal Reversion in mind.

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